Board of Directors

2018 Executive Committee

  • Justin Cronen, Chairperson
    Community Development Bank

  • Larry Ringgenberg, Vice Chairperson
    Dacotah Bank

  • Blaine Hill, Secretary
    City of Morris

  • Rebecca Young, Treasurer
    County Coordinator

2018 Directors

  • Jodi Bedel
    City of Hancock

  • Doug Ehlers
    Riverwood Bank

  • Dale Ennen
    Donnelly City Council

  • Roger Gerdes
    Chokio City Council

  • Jan Hagen
    Bremer Bank

  • Jeff Schaefer
    Ag Country Farm Credit Services

  • Trevor Seales
    Seales & Munsterman Accounting & Tax Services

  • Jerry Sullivan
    Alberta City Council

  • Dale Umlauf
    Ottertail Power Company

  • Donny Wohlers
    Stevens County Board of Commissioners

  • Sheldon Giese
    Mayor, Morris City Council

  • Bryan Herrmann

    Vice Chancellor for Finances and Facilities, UMM